There’s no better feeling than having your car look spotless and brand new every day. Is it possible to do that? Yes! With the right type of maintenance and coating for the car, your car is ready to look all shiny and be in the spotlight every single time. However, it is important to look at the types of coatings available out there.  Teflon Coating and Ceramic coating are the popular forms of coating that are available in the market. Let’s find out which one is best suited for your car. 

Before beginning any type of experimenting with the car in the name of coating, the first logical step is to have your car thoroughly washed and dried. Here at Pitstop, we offer Eco-wash which is an alternative to using a lot of water as we minimize its usage and still wash your car without leaving a speck of dirt. Post this, the car needs to be dried and cleaned with a micro-fibre cloth removing any leftover particles of dirt. Once these two are done, the car needs to undergo a compounding process where the car gets polished, to get rid of any marks or scratches for the car to look perfect as it gets ready for coating. 

Coming to the next part is choosing what type of coating to choose. Let’s see each type of coating in detail. 

What is Teflon Coating?

Teflon, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, is a form of a chemical coating that is meant to keep the paint intact. This adds a protective layer to your car’s paint and gives a glossy shine. It not only gives a shiny finish but also helps prevent corrosion, wear and tear of the exterior of your car, and prevents heat damage at high temperatures. 

The process of Teflon coating is simple:

  1. The car is thoroughly cleaned and washed first. 
  2. Post drying, the car is wiped and cleaned eliminating further dirt specks. 
  3. The chemical is then applied to the car slowly. 
  4. This process takes approximately 20 minutes. 
  5. The car is then buffed and polished in order to remove scratches and marks and give a shiny finish. 

Is this a good or a bad choice? 

Every choice we make comes with the pros and cons of its own. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Teflon Coating. 


  1. The most beneficial factor of Teflon coating is the protection of the car’s paint layer which prevents it from chipping or wear and tear. 
  2. The small scratches and marks will be polished during the coating process. 
  3. The protective coating will prevent the car from any minor scratches and marks as well. 
  4. If followed regularly, the durability and the value of the car can be maintained throughout from time to time. 


  1. Teflon coating does not offer long-term protection as it has to be done regularly. The process must be at least done 2-3 times a year in order to maintain the shine and protection. 
  2. On the other hand, repeated coatings may be an added expense depending on the size of your car. 
  3. Ensure that your car servicer uses only high-grade Teflon and not a cheaper alternative as the cheaper ones may harm your car’s paint and cause wear and tear faster. If the car servicer simply uses a wax coating that is a Teflon look alike, the wax coating will wear off-fastly and cause wear and tear. 

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is also a chemical protective coating which is one compound higher than Teflon, protects your car’s paint, and adds a glossy finish to your car. This is also a thin clear coat lacquer that acts as a protective coating against wear and tear, dirt, and discolouration. Compared to Teflon coating, Nano-Ceramic Coating lasts for many years on just one coating. 

The process of Ceramic coating is slightly different from Teflon. 

  1. Firstly wash the car thoroughly removing any dirt on the surface of the car. 
  2. Dry the car post this and ensure the unwashed particles are wiped with a microfibre cloth. 
  3. Apply the ceramic coating. 
  4. Buff and polish out the surface evenly. 
  5. Apply a polishing compound(a wax) over this coating. 
  6. Polish the surface of the car for a final finish. 

We at Pitstop provide a 9H Ceramic coating which is the highest quality of ceramic coating available in the market. 

Again the confusion of whether Ceramic coating is a good choice for your car or not arises. 


  1. This form of coating offers an advanced layer of protection against wear and tear and contamination as well. 
  2. It has very less effect on changes in paint and even corrosion. 
  3. The chemical composition of Ceramic Coating on the surface of the car ensures that it is very long-lasting. 
  4. It does not wear off every time you clean your car. 
  5. It gives a very glossy shine and an aesthetically pleasing touch to your car. 


  1. However advantageous this may seem and look beautiful, the price for this is on the higher side. 
  2. It takes up to 3 days for the entire coating to be completed. 
  3. The ceramic coating must be done by professionals or else will look bad and unappealing. 

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So which one is better? 

Teflon coating and Ceramic Coating both offer protection but Teflon Coating has to be done repeatedly in a year compared to Ceramic coating which can be done once for a long-lasting period. Ceramic coating even being on the pricier side, is better suited for your car as it offers protection against many factors as mentioned above. Thus Ceramic coating is a better option.

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