Pain comes in different forms for different people. And when it comes to us motorheads, pain is definitely seeing an ugly dent on their cars. Now that’s a real bummer. 

The body of a car is what makes it look appealing or cool from the outside and a dent on your bodacious car is nothing short of a buzzkill. While most of the serious dents are almost inevitable to fix, common dents are of shorter impact and can be repaired rather easily. But there’s always room for comfort because not all body damages are dents. ‘Dings’ are minor damages which come with lesser repair costs and are different from a dent. So before you flip your lid about what you see, it is important to understand your damage and the intensity of it. 

Ding or Dent?

A ding can be called a weenie in the world of damages. Its impact doesn’t do much to your car. Typically, a “ding” refers to damage that does not exceed 1/2 inch in diameter and will not damage paint or leave exposed areas that may rust. Common causes are shopping carts, accidentally opened doors or stones.

Large and severely damaged areas that require metal processing, repainting or even replacement of sheet materials are often referred to as “dents”. The difference between dents and dings is caused by the size and type of damage and repair costs.

A more broader understanding happens when trying to classify the different types of dents.   Here are the 4 different types of dents that can be seen on your car :

Sharp Dents

Sharp dents are usually the result of being hit by a sharp object. A strong impact with a sharp object will cause the metal to expand outward and form a high point with craters.

This happens most often when other passengers or drivers open the door for you or when a stone enters your car.

Creased Dents

When another object hits your car and is pulled away, wrinkles and dents will appear. These kinds of dents are called “ Creased Dents “. This is caused by low branches, bicycle handlebars sliding over the edge of the car, or when you are close to a wall.

Creased dents are way too common compared to the other dents because they can occur due to the opposite person’s mistake as well. 

Round Dents

A round dent is caused by a large, soft round object hitting a vehicle. The most common reason is a football or basketball hitting your car.

The impact of a round dent varies as it majorly depends on the pressure and force of the hit.

Extreme Dents

These dents are many times larger and have irregular shapes. This is because large objects enter your car, jump around, someone falls on your car, or is run over by an animal.

Although this kind of damage sounds movie-like, it’s always better to look out for your favourite car because of extreme damages with a bulky repair cost.