With summer being just around the corner and the lockdown protocols easing around the country, it is time for us to start resuming our lives slowly and gradually while ensuring that we maintain safety protocols. We understand that your vehicle may have stalled as a result of the lockdown and we want to make sure that you tackle your summer car problems in the best way possible, especially as temperatures start to soar.

Summers bring in issues right from battery health, AC gas refills, etc. Here are the 7 most common car issues you may face:

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1. Battery health

Low temperatures can have a detrimental effect on your battery’s health by affecting the connectors, which in turn could make it difficult for you to start your car engine. In order to avoid connector corrosion and rusting, you can get a battery inspection done at your doorstep. Click here to book a car battery health check-up!

2. Air Conditioning and cooling

It’s not unheard of to have AC cooling systems fail on us at times we need them the most- during the hot and blaring summers. Instead of waiting for the summer to kick in, it is advisable to look into the multiple reasons that your cooling system may be damaged and getting it fixed immediately. This is all the more important because it could also have adverse effects on the other car parts- a damaged cooling fan, for example, could also impact the car engine by raising its temperature. Click here to book A/C Gas top-up!

3. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are the key components that ensure the smooth functioning of your car. They not only ensure an even current flow of other car systems but also power the catalytic converter which is responsible for clean and controlled emissions from the vehicle.

A poorly maintained spark plug can cause more than just technical problems for your vehicle. Having a higher than the permissible level of carbon emissions can be legally contested as being harmful to the environment. It is therefore recommended to get a quick spark plug test to check the health status of the engine. Click here to book a Complete Car Inspection!

4. Leakages

The easiest way to know if there has been a leakage in your vehicle is by spotting droppings of transmission fluid, engine oil, or coolant outside your parked car. Higher external temperatures tend to increase the frequency of leakages, which is why it is important to keep an eye out for them and get your vehicle inspected if you notice any warning signs. Click here to get your oil leak checked!

5. Brake Issues

Brake issues can very easily be identified as the most common vehicular problem occurring in the summer. Any squeaking sounds while applying pressure to the break-pad is a red flag signaling wear and tear. Excessively heated pads can result in uneven friction and could be a safety hazard which is why it is of utmost importance to know how often should you get your car brakes checked and to follow the guidelines without fail. Click here to get your brakes inspected!

6. Tires and handling

We all know that it is really important to maintain a healthy set of wheels, but have you ever wondered why it becomes even more important to get them maintained during the summers? Friction caused during driving, in addition to the excessive summer heat, can damage the tires. Ensuring adequate tire pressure and grip is therefore extremely important from a safety standpoint. Make sure you get your tires checked and changed, if required, before the temperature rises. With a few tips and tricks in hand, even you can analyse the health of your car tyres on your own before taking it to the mechanic.

7. Suspension

Well, above are some of the most common summer car problems that may have a huge impact on your car’s overall health. Thus, make sure that you do not ignore such signs and get your car repaired, as soon as possible. Click here to get your Car suspension inspected!

The above mentioned vehicular problems could have serious implications on not only your car’s smooth functioning but also on the safety of you and those around you. 

With Pitstop’s doorstep car service, get your car summer-ready. Book a service on Pitstop and our team of mechanics will reach your doorstep at your convenience to conduct a complete inspection and service on your car. Now from general service to an AC top-up or a suspension repair, book a zero contact doorstep service. You can schedule an appointment by visiting www.getpitstop.com or by calling on 6262621234.