The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has introduced a new registration mark for vehicles in the move that will provide much-needed relief for vehicles moving from one Indian state to another (BH-series). A few months ago, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways proposed this new pan-India vehicle registration series. When the owner moves from one state to another, a vehicle with the BH mark will not require a new registration.

Defence personnel, the federal and state governments, and a few companies have access to it and the road tax is only levied for two years at a time.

BH Plate Series:

This facility will be available on a voluntary basis to defense personnel, Central and State government PSUs, and private sector companies with offices in four or more States/Union Territories, according to a MoRTH notification (UT).

The Bharat series format will include the year of vehicle registration, the Bharat Series BH code, numbers, and alphabets.

Road Tax System

The road tax for the new BH Series will be charged every two years or in multiples of two. The MoRTH Notice states that the tax on cars or roads will be levied annually after the 14th year is completed and will amount to half of the sum that has been charged for the vehicle before.

When moving to a new state or UT, the scheme will make it easier to move personal vehicles between states and UTs.

The current procedure for relocating automobiles to a new state

A vehicle owner is currently prohibited from keeping a vehicle in another state for more than 12 months under Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, and the vehicle must be re-registered with the new state. The vehicle owner must obtain a NOC from the parent state in order to register the vehicle in the new state. In addition, after paying the pro-rata road tax in the new state, the vehicle must be given a new registration mark. This must be followed by an application for a pro-rata refund of the road tax in the parent state. To say the least, it’s a bit of a pain right now.