With the festival of lights just around the corner, you might have already started spending a lot of time shopping and decorating your home and surroundings but what about your friend on four wheels that have been left unattended out there? This Diwali, don’t just clean and revamp the shape of your house but give your car a complete makeover too. And what better time than now when Pitstop is here to help you out with this whole makeover process and is showering irresistible offers this festive season.

So, without any further ado, book our services now to get up to ₹10,000 off and we will make sure that your car shines the brightest this Diwali.

Complete Car Service

The whole idea behind a complete car service is to boost the performance of your car and make each and every ride of yours smooth and hassle-free. Wondering how it’s done? Well in order to understand the condition of your vehicle, our mechanics perform a 64-point comprehensive check up with the help of our health diagnosis tool called “Pulse” which precisely inspects and detects any underlying issues that your car might have. Once it’s done, all the needful refills and replacements are done which in turn extends the life of your engine and hence your car’s.

Why choose us, though? Well, since you might not be able to find a service provider that offers a quick and effective at home service, the promise of Shell engine oil and top quality products bundled with experienced, in-house technicians, why not, right? Oh, and we are offering flat ₹800 off on complete car service which gives you one more reason to tap on the button below right away.

Diwali Offer On Complete Car Service

Body Repair

Another crucial part of a car makeover is body repair which unarguably gives your car an ultimate upgrade. In most cases, people come with many scratches and fading car paint when they think of getting a makeover for their car. Here at Pitstop, our technicians take all the necessary measures to ensure that your car looks spick & span with a shiny new body to steal the show, and how!

Be it a small scratch or a deep dent, our technicians can repair it all in no time. Not to mention, several different but critical coating layers are also applied to prevent the car from exterior damage. All of this comes with a six-month color warranty and extremely durable Nippon paint, coupled with a free pick-up and drop service, so who’s complaining? And to make your Diwali a little more exciting, we are offering 30% off on body repair, so grab the deal now.

Diwali Offer On Body Repair

Car Repair

For all those who do not understand the nuances of a car repair service, it deals with all types of mechanical and electrical problems of your car and tweaks the underlying issues which in any way is holding your car to give it’s best. Our mechanics check the car thoroughly to determine areas that have suffered from the maximum wear & tear and then proceed to troubleshoot these problems immediately.

Now, if you’re wondering why you should choose Pitstop over anybody in the market, there are some major reasons to consider it. For instance, Pitstop provides you with the luxury of getting a reasonable price for 100% genuine spare parts, which is quite challenging to get with non-reputable car repair dealerships. Moreover, if any minor issues need fixes, they can be handled on the spot. And last but not the least, who else would give you ₹1000 off on car repair services if not Pitstop? So, stop searching and start booking before our offer expires.

Diwali Offer On Car Repair

Convenience of At Home Service

Drawing to a close, here’s what we would like you to know- Pitstop not just cares about your car but about you as well. And to make sure that you and your family stay safe and healthy in this pandemic, we provide zero contact at home service wherein all you need to do is book the service you want for your car, choose a time that’s convenient for you, and our in-house mechanics along with our fully equipped van will come right at your home to carry out the service. 

Not to mention, all our mechanics follow strict safety protocols. From being temperature checked to sanitized to wearing masks and gloves at all times, we make sure there’s no chance of risk at all. Furthermore, this festive season get the interior of your car sanitized and keep it germ-free with our “AC disinfection and interior sanitization service” at the convenience of your home. So, book now to get 10% off on at home service and & go back to cleaning your house, meanwhile we will make your car Diwali ready.

Diwali Offer On At Home Services

Hope this overview has helped you get one step closer to deciding on your car makeover this Diwali. And if you’ve already decided, book our services right away without any further procrastination as our clock has started ticking backward and the offers are only for a limited period, so steal the deal before it’s gone!