As the temperature starts to rise and summers kick in, we will be making a lot of changes to our lifestyle. From our clothes to eating habits as well as other activities. And while we are at it, we will also look at a major shift that will happen in our daily routine and how it impacts us. Our cars maintenance play a major role in our daily life. Be it commuting to work, or simply going out for a leisurely drive, it is important and so we need to keep in mind certain points that will help us prepare our vehicles for the sudden rise in temperature and give it a healthy life despite the changing weather.

And because we understand the importance of making that change, we will be looking at a few summer car care tips to ensure maximum health and life for your vehicle. While a car breakdown is very common, following the below-mentioned summer car maintenance tips will save you the effort of looking for and visiting the centers for car repair services in Bangalore for smaller issues. So, let us have a look at the things we need to keep in mind this summer.

Car Maintnance
  • Keeping the engine cool: One of the most important to-dos in the summers is to keep a check on the engine temperature to avoid engine overheating. Due to internal heat, combined with the effects of the rising temperature on the outside, keeping the engine cool can be a challenge. Thus, this is where the cooling systems come into play and ensure that the engine temperature is maintained. Keeping the cooling system healthy is essential to maintaining the engine temperature. It includes keeping a check on the coolant as well as other parts of the system that are susceptible to heat. Often you will find yourself in a situation where the coolant might be less than the desired level. In such cases, you can add water to maintain levels and keep the cooling system working. While checking the cooling system, keep in mind to never open the radiator lid when the engine is hot. It can cause the oil to spill out leading to serious injuries.

  • Tyre pressure: Maintaining the advised tire pressure is very important to keep the vehicle healthy and running. Each vehicle comes with its set of recommendations for tire pressure and while everyone has a go-to number when it comes to tire pressure, following the instructions can help you get better life out of the tires as well as the vehicle. Tire pressure is essential because driving on an under-inflated tire is as risky as driving on an over-inflated tire. Lack of air can cause the tire to overheat in the summers and lead to damage and even accidents. In the summers, due to the increased heat, the air pressure in the tires increases, and this can cause the tires to be over-inflated. The same tire is as prone to damage or even a blowout due to overheating and increased friction.

  • Battery Check: Battery is key to a healthy running vehicle and plays an extremely important role in maintaining the health of your car i.e Car Maintenance. The summer heat can be damaging and can adversely affect the battery life of your vehicle. Thus, it is very important to know how to take care of your car battery and keep in mind a few things. A major cause of damage to the batteries is heat and vibration. Ensuring that the battery mounted firmly can save you the trouble of a damaged battery. Similarly, while we cannot do much about the effects of heat on a battery, keeping a check on the fluids of the battery. And maintaining appropriate battery water levels can help you prolong the battery life.

    Heat also speeds up the process of rusting, and the connectors are very prone to be rusted over time. This, over some time, can damage the battery beyond the extent of recovery. And if the battery is damaged, the entire operation of the car gets affected leaving the user with no choice but to get the vehicle towed and the battery replaced.

  • Conditioning: While one might think, how an air-conditioned car is essential to keeping it healthy, here’s a perspective. Driving needs complete attention and comfort. Any act causing discomfort to the driver can lead to a fatal accident. With temperatures rising as high as 50 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country. Having a good air conditioning system is an essential part of car maintenance. Moreover, internal car cooling helps keep the temperature of the car controlled.

  • Keep fluid levels in check: We know how important fluids are for the proper functioning of a vehicle. Be it mechanical parts or electronic parts, there is a very important function that fluids especially for lubrication of the parts.

    Additionally, one of the most important fluids keeping the engine cool is the coolant. These need to be regularly checked and refilled to maintain the proper health of your vehicle. So, while taking note of the summer car care tips make sure to add this point to the top of the list.

Now that you have seen a list of summer car maintenance tips to keep in mind this summer. Make sure that you follow these religiously to get the most out of your vehicle. In case you face breakdowns and are looking for car repair services in Bangalore, visit us at Pitstop. Get the best solutions to all your car maintenance related troubles. We are a team of trained professionals with years of experience in the industry. With summers around the corner, time to get your vehicle checked and fixed. Stop looking for solutions and visit us as we help you make the most of your vehicle.