Diwali brings with itself an atmosphere of enthusiasm and happiness. There’s always an air of joy and merriment around this time of the year, with people flitting by shops and streets looking for all the ways they can decorate their homes. Everyone fills up their time by thinking of all the changes they can bring about in their life- be it through the new clothes they wear, the whitewashing of their homes, or decorating the house with a plethora of sweets. So why not extend the same courtesy to our cars and take a step forward to make sure you keep your car safe this Diwali?

For a lot of people, Diwali is not the same without bursting a few crackers, and while you can enjoy the perks of firecrackers under the garb of festivities, do be careful about your immediate vicinity. After all, you do not want your crackers to land up inside a passing car’s window, or even your own car, for that matter. So, it is essential to check the tips mentioned below to ensure that you keep your car safe this Diwali.

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Keep windows closed while driving

If you’re driving through a busy street where everyone is busy bursting crackers, keep the windows shut to prevent any stray firecracker from getting inside your car. As a bonus, closing your windows would even cut off the excessive noise outside, especially if you’re traveling with a child. And there’s always the excuse to have the AC on, and who doesn’t like that now?

Keep a fire extinguisher handy

Since it’s almost unpredictable for an emergency to strike, the more prepared you are, the better it is. Start with some basic but necessary steps, like keeping a fire extinguisher in your car and at your place. Festive season or otherwise, car owners should always carry a fire extinguisher in their vehicle. Having a fire extinguisher makes it easier to control fire whenever the car is involved in an unfortunate incident. Make sure you keep it somewhere that is easily accessible to occupants.

Secure a garage parking

For people who don’t own private parking space, arranging for one this Diwali is an absolute must, irrespective of the crackers and fireworks ban implemented recently. A covered garage can protect the car from all kinds of threats from the fireworks.

Be alert of firecrackers on the road

Even if you’re trying your best to avoid people bursting firecrackers on the road while driving, you still need to take precautions while driving the vehicle on the road. If you find anyone bursting a firecracker on the road, it is best to stop the car at a distance. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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No vehicle cover for cars in open space

Covering your car is one of the worst mistakes you can make during Diwali. Most vehicle covers, be it for cars or two-wheelers, are designed to protect against weather conditions and dust, but they are not necessarily fireproof. On the other hand, they are inflammable and can quickly turn sparks into flames. Therefore, please do not use these if your vehicle is parked in.

Keep a first aid box in your car

It can’t hurt to have a first aid kit in the car. With so many firecrackers bursting throughout the days following Diwali, having a first aid box could come in handy, especially during emergencies. It could also be used to treat potential burns and injuries caused by the same firecrackers.

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Don’t Drink And Drive

One of the biggest contributors to road rage and accidents during Diwali is drunk drivers. You should altogether avoid drinking any liquor if you’re driving on Diwali and vice versa. It’s just not worth the gamble- festival or no festival.

As a responsible citizen, we should ideally avoid bursting crackers alongside someone else’s vehicle, just like how we would not like someone playing around our car. Avoid bursting noisy and dangerous crackers and let’s make it a pleasant one in the real sense for everyone around. 

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So, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and keep your car safe this Diwali. Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali from the entire team of Pitstop, with the hope that the festival of lights brings all the more joy and happiness into your lives!

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