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Top 5 Emerging Trends Transforming the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is transforming like never before. The latest technologies are making way into the industry to change our perception of these machines. Considering the volume of the automotive industry, we can say that the changes will influence the direction in which we humans will progress in the future.

Pitstop is one of the most trusted car service center in Bangalore with branches in many other cities in India. It is also the first of a kind service center that has an app using which car owners can book car services from the comfort of their homes. We have always been interested in the developments and trends transforming the automotive industry.

Connected Vehicles

The concept of connected vehicles is that the information about the driving conditions, weather, speed, sudden braking, etc.You can share between the vehicle. This development is due to a lot of smart technologies making way into the automotive industry in recent times.V2V communication (vehicle2vehicle) is the ultimate goal of the developers and soon enough, it will become a standard feature for all vehicles.

Autonomous Driving

Self-driving technology may not see on the streets yet. But it is being largely experimented through the world. Many top technology-based companies are joining forces to make self-driving a reality and bring it into the mainstream market.

Autonomous driving will minimize accidents caused due to drowsiness and will let drivers be more relaxed on the roads. It is one of the top 5 trends in automotive industry we are looking forward to.

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3D Printing

The automotive industry is no exception when it comes to using 3D technology. Cars are currently being designed to withstand 3-5 crashes and last for 7-10 years. 3D printing can help in developing a car with a strong chassis while the exterior can be design for a single crash.

This would mean that the outer body can be replace for a cost-effective price using 3D printing. Repairing cars after an accident would take a revolutionary turn with this approach.


One of the challenges faced by the automotive industry is a rise in fake parts sellers. This has been causing a lot of trouble for the car owners and manufacturers. Though service centers such as Pitstop, online car repair in Bangalore, have been taking every care to ensure that only the genuine and branded parts use, the risk of being duped by a fake seller stills looms overhead. Blockchain could create a transparent and efficient protocol for selling spare parts in the

Electric vehicles are seeing a huge boost with more and more manufacturers such as VW, GM, etc. venturing into making cars that run on electricity. These vehicles would be cost-effective than the petrol and diesel versions.


We are going to see a lot more developments in the automotive industry soon considering the pace at which the industry is changing.

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