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Top 6 Automotive Trends in 2019: A Year of Wows and Woes

Automotive Trends

There have been quite a few predictable developments in the industry last year. Like, Rise in mobility services, more focus on value-added services. And also the increasing presence of software technology companies in the automotive industry. In addition, Services like new finance and leasing, usage-based insurance. And other customer engagement services have been expanded after-sales solutions have set the trend for this year as well.

Automotive Trends

The top automotive trends 2019 seem to be a mix of wows. And much as there will be new technology, certain developments have created a sense of uncertainty in the industry.

Pitstop – As the first car repair service center. It provides doorstep services and has a mobile phone app for customers to schedule a service. And it also provides an SOS button for asking help.

Pitstop Keeps you updated throughout the time your cars are with us. Pitstop has been interested in the various developments that are happening and going to happen in the automotive industry.

Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Internet of Things (IoT) and AI will continue to bring changes in the automotive sector with device connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and electric power trains. The vehicle could turn into a mini-office with the in-vehicle digital assistant making driving easier and safer.

Multimodal Mobility

Big Data has reinforced the public-private partnerships. This will power flexible, on-demand, and resource-efficient multi-modal mobility solutions. In addition, Urban transportation would be streamlined and sustained with new policies and there could be more apps for planning journeys.


Additional Features on Demand

Smart interiors, advanced driver assistance systems, and more such digital transformation trends will be added to the vehicles on demand in the future. After that We can expect the features to be offered as a demo, one-time subscription, long-term or short-term subscriptions with monthly.

Autonomous Shuttles

Manufacturers and mobility service providers are trying hard to release the first version of the autonomous shared transportation before others. And this is one of the most awaited developments in the top car trends of 2019.

A successful launch would mean that we could travel in flying taxis that zoom past the buildings. In addition, Electric, electronic, and digital platforms will play a crucial role in autonomous vehicle development. However, this would take long time to come into practical.

Improved Vehicle Health Diagnosis

Vehicle health monitoring will become a priority. Our intentions to increase value-added services and advancement in automotive technology. We are also using new metrics to assess the vehicles. Pitstop, a center for car repair in Bangalore, uses the latest technology to comprehensively analyze a vehicle. It suggests the required repairs or services. In other words, pitstop is already leaned towards improving vehicle health monitoring.

Electric Vehicles

Do you know that there are more than 270 startup companies? And, they are intent on reviving the electric vehicle industry. The estimates say that the sales of Global EV can grow up to 38% and reach around 6.67 million units. The growth of EV doesn’t mean petrol versions will be out of the race yet, In conclusion, to overcome this advanced petrol engines will be released soon.

Wrapping Up

We can see an increase in alliances between the manufacturers in the coming days And also there would be more attractive offers and services to boost sales.

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