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Top 8 googled car problems

top 8 googled car problems

Having car problems? Google can answer your question. Google is so useful these days, people find solutions to any problem these days. 

Car problems are something we all have experienced at least once in our lifetime. They can be really annoying when it happens at the worst possible time. Google can answer most of the car-related problems. Some are easy to fix and some are complex which needs an expert to solve. 

In today’s topic, we will see the top 8 googled car problems 

  1. Why does my car battery keep draining?
    The car battery supplies the necessary power to all the electrical systems to properly function. The avg life of a battery is 4-5 years depending on the use. But if you feel your battery is draining faster then either the alternator is not charging the battery or there is some leak in the system. If all this is fine then the battery needs to be replaced.
  2. My car won’t start in the morning
    Cars not starting in the morning is a common issue in cold conditions because low temperatures make batteries produce less current. If it is not the battery then there is a problem with the fuel system which has to be fixed. There are other reasons for cars hesitating to start in the morning, we recommend regular maintenance to avoid such scenarios.
  3. What do warning lights mean?
    The warning light is the first indication that your car is in trouble. It is recommended that you take the car to the nearest service centre where a technician will check the warning with an OBD. For regularly maintained cars it is probably wire or fuse damage which is an easy fix. In some instances the warning lights could mean trouble, it needs urgent attention and to be fixed ASAP.
  4. Why does my tyre wear unevenly?
    Tyres being in contact with the surface all the time in under constant wear. To reduce the wear we can suggest few steps. Make sure they are properly inflated, rotate your tyres every 5,000kms and make sure the wheels are balanced and aligned regularly. Suspension damage also results in uneven wear of tyres, make sure they are fixed.
  5. My car AC doesn’t work
    AC is an important feature in every car which makes the drive comfortable and convenient. Few are accustomed to driving with their AC’s on all the time. AC could malfunction when the condenser and evaporator are not functioning properly. The refrigerant level is low or there could be a possible leak.
  6. My brakes wear quickly
    Brakes are under constant heat and thermal loads and the wear is unquestionable. Although there are few instances where brake pads or rotors wear quickly. First is the driving style, under proper braking you don’t see so much wear, But reckless driving causes more brake damage. Forgetting the reason for brake wear, we recommend you get it fixed as soon as possible.
  7. Excessive oil consumption
    Any oil is important for an engine to run smoothly, let it be engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, coolant etc. Over time they have to be topped up or replaced entirely depending on the make and model. If you find yourself topping up any fluid often then there is a possible leak in the car. Check for oil marks in your garage, if there is nothing get it checked before it leads to some major damage.
  8. My suspension makes a squeaky noise
    The suspension takes all the mechanical load in a car. They often wear when the car is driven overloaded. Also, reckless driving on bumpy roads could damage the suspension. But the most common reason for squeaky noise is due to lack of lubrication around the ball joints, sway bar end links.

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