Toyota has put in a lot of effort over the years to develop high-quality automobiles that delight customers. That effort has been rewarded. They have grown to become a global leader in the automobile industry, with legions of loyal consumers returning year after year. Here are the top 9 reasons why we think Toyota is the greatest choice for your next vehicle or truck.

  1. Stability

According to Polk®, 80% of Toyota’s sales sold 20 years ago are still on the road. That adds up to savings since you’ll know that when you buy a new Toyota, you’re getting a vehicle that will endure. Toyota is known for keeping you on the road in a reliable, safe, and durable vehicle, and when you see figures like these, you have to believe that these cars and trucks have something special going on.

  1. The Highest Resale Value

In terms of resale value, Kelley Blue Book puts Toyota first. According to KBB, the formula is simple: build a high-quality car that enhances people’s lives, sell it at a reasonable price, and ensure that it is the most comfortable, dependable, and a fun vehicle in its class. They do that precisely in a number of its goods, as evidenced by the fact that several of Toyota’s products have won KBB’s renowned best brand awards.

  1. Vehicles having all-wheel drive (AWD) or four-wheel drive (AWD/4WD).

Toyota has the most AWD and 4WD cars on the market in the industry. Their cars have been a favorite choice among outdoor enthusiasts who want to add some value, style, dependability, and utility to their excursions, thanks to some of the most entertaining designs. They received the most industry awards for their portfolio of AWD and 4WD cars year after year.

  1. The Best Safety Pick

Safety is a top priority for Toyota owners, and the brand prioritizes safety in all of its vehicles and trucks. They received more top safety choices from the IIHS in 2013 than any other vehicle or truck manufacturer. The brand is about more than simply dependability and durability; it is also about safety. When it comes down to it, the most crucial element of any vehicle should be its safety. That’s Toyota for you.

  1. Most Creative

With the launch of the Prius, Toyota stunned the world, and the company’s innovation continues with each new model. For decades, they have been the industry leader in efficiency, economy, and quality, and it has cultivated a devoted following of customers who recognize Toyota as a significant innovator.

  1. The Highest Level of Reliability

Toyota automobiles have the greatest dependability ratings according to JD Powers. Their lineup is typically rated well in JD Powers’ rankings when compared to other vehicles, the most notable of which is the dependability rating. Toyota owners have a reputation for dependability, and the extra assistance from JD Powers gives you even more assurance that you’re receiving a highly dependable vehicle when you buy a new or used Toyota.

  1. Outstanding Residual Value

Maintaining their value is important not just for resale, but also for lease turn-in. Toyota routinely receives excellent marks from Kelley Blue Book for its ability to maintain its value. Leasing a Toyota makes financial sense since the brand outperforms competitors in terms of residual value.

  1. Vehicles that are environmentally friendly

Toyota dominates the sector in green technology, with the most vehicles in Kelley Blue Book’s top green vehicles for 2013. For 2013, the famous Prius plug-in and the Avalon hybrid are strong contenders. Nobody does it better than Toyota when it comes to becoming green.

  1. Quality

Year after year, customers discover that Toyota’s overall quality is unrivalled in the industry. Toyota is the best pick for new or used cars, trucks, and SUVs thanks to consistent high-quality ratings from JD Powers and Kelly Blue Book.