With the COVID-19 spreading like a wildfire, the country is under lockdown. It is very important to stay inside and to practice social distancing to control the spread and prevent further damage. But during this month-long period, there has been a drastic change in how we live, and one of the most impacted parts of our lives are our cars. With roads empty and nowhere to go, our vehicles have been parked inside without any movement or operation. When a car sits idle for such a long period of time we need to keep its health in check and maintain certain hygiene checks. Despite that whenever the vehicle leaves the garage it will need to be looked after and certain things will have to be checked. Now to save you the trouble of looking for online car services in Bangalore, we will be looking at 5 key checks your car must undergo once it is back on the streets after the lockdown. And if you are looking for the best car service in Bangalore, Pitstop is the answer to all your problems. Drive your car out of the garage and into our workshops and let us get your car ready to roll. So let us have a look at these 5 important pointers.

  • Braking system: This is one of the most important checks for your car when it is brought onto the roads after a hiatus. It is also very important from a safety perspective of the driver and others present inside the car. With the car left idle and no movement, the brake pads and the brake shoes start to gather dust which can also lead to rusting of the parts. Since it’s a mechanical assembly, without proper movement the parts can also jam and prevent 100 percent application and effectiveness when operated after a long time. So after you take your car out of the house, make sure that you drive into our garage and get the brakes checked and change any parts that might require replacement to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Sometimes, leaving the brakes unchecked for a long time can cause major damage to the wheels or the drum. Major indicators of worn out or damaged brakes include loud screeching noise and vibrations while driving due to friction caused between the wheels.
  • Fluid Levels: The weather has changed drastically and temperatures have started rising very quickly. When your car is left idle for too long in the summer heat, it can have a lot of ill effects on your car itself. Cars are mechanical systems and there are multiple types of fluids used to lubricate the mechanical parts and to keep the engine cool. A decrease in the levels of any of these fluids can result in damage to the engine. Levels of engine oil, gear oil, and coolant are easy to gauge and need to be checked before driving the car post lockdown. This will ensure that no damage is caused to the car. In case you find the levels depleting, visit your nearest service center and get it checked. You can also refill the same but make sure to follow all instructions. If you’re unsure, just let the mechanic take care of it. To prevent these fluids from burning out or evaporating, always park your vehicle in shade and keep it covered especially when leaving it idle for long durations.
  • Air conditioning: Another very important check is to get your air conditioning in order. It might sound absurd but air conditioning is a very important part of your car and is essential, especially in the summer heat, to keep your car healthy and safe. Apart from providing favorable temperature to the driver, it also keeps the vehicle cool from the inside. When left idle for long periods, the filters can accumulate dust and the level of the gas might decrease, thus affecting the cooling power of the AC. So when you leave after the lockdown, make sure to get the gas level checked and undoubtedly get your AC disinfected.
  • Electric systems: Your car has a lot of electronic and electrical components. These include the lights, the music system, car chargers, etc. These are powered by the battery and are a part of the electric components. Over time, being left idle can cause the battery to drain and further damage the electronic components. This can cause starting problems and affect the lights. So keep a check on the battery and when parking for longer periods, disconnect the battery to avoid drainage.
  • Cable check: Another important yet majorly ignored step is getting all the cables checked by a certified professional. Components such as clutch cables and accelerator cables are an essential part of the car and if broken, they can leave you stranded. So once the lockdown ends, make sure that you get these checked at the nearest mechanic to avoid any breakdown troubles. Changing cables can be difficult and thus it is important to get them checked out by a professional mechanic at the nearest service center.

We know that you are eager for this lockdown to end so that you can take out your cars and go on long drives. But before you go out, make sure that you get your vehicles checked for the above-mentioned pointers and get your car serviced in Bangalore. This will not only keep your car healthy but also keep you safe. And if you are looking for the best online car service in Bangalore, look no more because we at Pitstop are a team of highly driven individuals with expertise to fix any problems. Get in touch with our professionals today and let them take care of any post lockdown troubles you might be facing. Do not let the lockdown get the best of your car, so get it serviced to get maximum performance. Reach out to us and we will help you get it back in shape for the longest of drives.