In modern times, gadgets have become part and parcel of our lives. We use devices and appliances to make life easy and convenient. Cars are no exception. The following are the cool car gadgets to emerge and be used widely in 2020. The following are some of the must-have and cool car gadgets for cars in 2020:

Dashboard Camera

This is among the first and coolest gadgets you must buy in 2020. This gadget helps to protect one from fraudulent persons on the road who substitute their cars and press for ‘damages.’ Hence, this gadget will protect you from fraudulent situations and scare away any scammers who generally keep away from cars featuring dashboard cameras.

Prices for such cameras vary widely, so when buying; it is worth noting the viewing angle of the camera and also the quality of night shooting.

gadget of cars

GPS Navigator

This is one of the best car accessories in 2020, which has already become popular. It is particularly relevant when you are going on a long road trip. The navigator will direct your path in an unknown location. It will aid you in selecting the optimal route and reduce the time for travel.

While selecting a navigator, you should pay attention to:

  • Ease of use and simplicity
  • Great display of viewing angle
  • Secure mounting at pitstop
  • Software for navigation and maps

Radar Detector

This device will help you save money on fines. It alerts you when you are over speeding and warns you to slow down. But such a device is banned in Europe. In contrast, the device is allowed in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. While selecting a device, you must note whether there is a GPS module because it will report on the location of the cameras.

Flipper Flips for License Plates

There is no ban on flip flops as such, but you may break laws and get on the wrong side of law enforcers when these gadgets are detected. This gadget is highly suited to people who like to drive fast. One can change one car number anytime, which can help you avoid being fined.

Car Holder

Today, there are several devices like smartphones or iPads that can serve as radio, electronic cards, video player, TV, internet terminal, directory, new shows, and alerts to traffic jams. The car holder which houses these devices is a necessary and convenient gadget for cars.


Most people are in danger of falling asleep while driving; especially, if they are sleep-deprived or have consumed pills with sedation before driving. The anti-dream device was developed for this very same objective. The device is worn as a headset, and the tilting of the head is detected by built-in sensors. In case the driver falls asleep, a piercing signal emerges that wakes up the driver. Such an accessory for a trip will be useful, especially for long-distance travel.

These are some of the hottest car gadgets for 2020. But if you need any kind of car repair and services, you can always rely on Pitstop, which provides the best doorstep car repair in Bangalore.

A lot of breathtaking car releases in 2021 are lined up. And with that, there are a lot of exciting things lined up for cars. The best ones are gadgets and accessories with the most modern features. These help to make road trips safer, comfortable, and relaxed.