We know that Toyota is known for affordable and high-end quality cars that have performed extremely well in the Automobile Industry. Earlier today, Toyota surprised us with another new launch of its all-new Aqua Electric Hybrid car, which redesigned its mission to launch ‘sustainably practical vehicles’ that contribute to carbon neutrality. 

The company also went on to say that Aqua will be the first vehicle to have a  high-output bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery as an electric drive battery. The vehicle is said to run on electricity alone without having the need for an engine.  Toyota has gone completely futuristic with this new car! 

It is also the first in the segment to have a ‘Comfort Pedal’ that reduces the frequency the driver has to put on the pedal and the accelerator which is an added advantage and an amazing feature. 

Engine and Powertrain: 

Aqua comes with a high-efficient 1.5-litre dynamic engine and an effective HEV system that has a fuel coverage of 38.5 Km/L which is claimed to cover 20% more than its predecessor. 

This combination of comfortable driving plus the characteristics of an HEV is what makes this car unique and highly efficient. 


It also comes in the Welcab series, which offers a Wheelchair storage device,  Friendmatic Seat models, and a Front Passenger Turn Tilt, the Company added during the release. 

This compact vehicle also comes equipped with a Parking Support Brake and Toyota Teammate Advanced Park which provides support for not only parking mechanisms but also during steering, wheel, brake, accelerator and gear shift mechanisms, and also provides alerts in case of brake collisions.  

Interiors and Exteriors:

The interior comes with a soft and minimalistic design scheme. The armrests and seats are synthetic leather, which is measured beyond expectation levels. 

The dashboard will feature a 10.5-inch audio display that will deliver excellent sound quality and is the first in the segment to deliver this display range. 

Talking about the exterior of this car, the car comes with high rigidity,  extraordinary quietness, and a steadfast ride. Although this new car’s wheelbase is extended by 50mm it provides ample space giving it a great convenience feature. 

The rear has a unified cabin silhouette that creates a bold, sleek and dynamic appearance, The vehicle also features 9 colours and includes a new shade the Clear Beige, which highlights the Aqua’s new form. 

Overall the car exceeds average expectations and will be a great addition to the electronic vehicle segment! Let us know your views on Toyota Aqua Electric

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