The year 2022 is a year for the release of so many new and exciting cars. We should be excited to find out what’s in store for us when it comes to the Maruti Baleno vs the Toyota Glanza. They are very similar models, yet they have certain differences as well. This article will help you in comparing the two vehicles and coming to the right decision.

Toyota Glanza vs Maruti Baleno: Pricing

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The latest Toyota Glanza is now available for booking with a starting price of Rs. 6.39 lakh for the base variant (S). The manual variants of the Glanza are the E, S, G and V. These variants are priced at Rs. 7.29 lakh for S, Rs. 8.24 lakh for G, and Rs. 9.19 lakh for V. The Maruti Baleno variants are Sigma, Delta, Zeta, and Alpha. These trims start at Rs. 6.35 lakh for Sigma, Rs. 7.19 lakh for Delta, Rs. 8.09 lakh for Zeta and finally Rs. 8.99 lakh for Alpha. The prices for both models are different, but the price range is pretty similar.

Toyota Glanza vs Maruti Baleno: Exterior

2022 Toyota GlanzaThe front end styling of both the Toyota and Maruti models are different when compared to each other. The front grille of the Glanza is very similar to that of the Camry and other Toyota models. The air damn in the bumper of the model gets a black cladding above it.  

Sales report Feb 2022In the new Baleno, there is an option to add chrome garnishes along with the front bumper and the top edge of the front grille. It also has options of bumper corner protectors and a front fender garnish as well. It also sports a black front bumper garnish as well.

Toyota Glanza vs Maruti Baleno: Interior

The interiors of both the car models are very similar. They mostly have the same features including an infotainment system, live tracking, find your car and they share many other features as well. The interior colour scheme of the Maruti Baleno is a combination of Navy Blue as well as Black. The Glanza’s interior colour combination includes Beige and Black. This might be the only difference on the inside of the cabin.

Colour options

The Toyota Glanza, just like the Maruti Baleno comes with a wide range of colours for the exterior of the car. The Maruti Baleno has colour options of 6 including Pearl Arctic White, Luxe Beige, Nexa Blue, Grandeur Grey, Opulent Red and Splendid Silver. The Toyota Glanza is similarly available in the same colours that the Baleno offers, except the Luxe Beige. The Glanza’s options are Gaming Grey, Sporting Red, Cafe White, Insta Blue and Enticing Silver.


Most of Toyota’s models get a warranty of three years/1,00,000 km and so does the 2022 Toyota Glanza. It also has an option of extending the warranty package to 5 years/ 2,20,000 km. However, the Maruti Baleno on the other hand only gets a warranty of two years/ 40,000 km. It can be extended to 5 years/ 1,00,000 km

Both the cars are very similar to the other one, hence it may be difficult for you to choose one. The choice will always lie in the preferences, needs and comforts of the customers. If you have any comments or suggestions, do jot them down below.

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