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7 Two Wheeler Traffic rules Everyone Should Follow!

Two-wheeler Traffic Rules

Two wheeler Traffic Rules

India is a huge country with millions of people commuting every day through vehicles. Many on motorcycles. Most of the people in India rely on motorcycles to do their daily commute and to deal with other daily activities. With a vast population and vast traffic, it’s hard for authorities to micro-manage every traffic law, so it’s up to the citizens to be responsible and to follow traffic regulations for the well-being of themselves and for that of fellow citizens. Here are the 7 traffic rules every two wheeler rider should follow.

  1. Drinking and Driving

    One of the most dangerous things to do is to drink and drive. Under the influence of alcohol, a person’s reflexes are severely affected and make it extremely hard for them to be in control of the vehicle which leads to accidents and in the worst-case scenario a tragic death.
    According to statistics every day around 19 Indians are killed solely due to drunk driving. Avoiding driving while being drunk would save a lot of precious lives and a lot of tragedy.
    The blood alcohol limit for permissible riding is 0.03%. Any rider found with an alcohol percentage above the permissible amount shall be fined between INR 2,000 to INR 10,000. In some cases, the rider may even be jailed, sometimes as long as 4 years.

  2. Usage of gadgets while riding

    Another reason for a lot of traffic mishaps is the use of gadgets, especially mobile phones during driving that puts the riders and people around them at risk.
    The rider is allowed to only use the mobile phone for navigation purposes only and not for any other reason during the commute.
    If found using the phone for reasons other than navigation the rider shall be slapped with a fine of INR 5,000. In rare cases, the rider may face jail for up to one year.
    With the usage of Bluetooth and other hands-free devices getting more common, some may assume that it is legal to use them while driving but it is considered illegal as it is a distraction to the rider and puts his life at risk.

  3. Having more than 2 riders on a bike

    Triple riding or having more than 2 riders on a bike is an offence under the motor vehicles act 2019. A bike is usually designed to carry two people and having any more than that affects the performance and control of the bike and puts the riders and other people in the vicinity at risk.
    If found having more than 2 riders on a bike the offender must pay a fine of 2,000 along with the suspension of driving license for 3 months.

  4. Riding without a helmet on

    For the safety of the rider, one must wear a helmet at all times to protect himself from life-threatening injuries in the case of an accident as helmets protect the face and the skull.
    Riding without a helmet could lead to a fine of INR 1,000 and as well as suspension of the driving license for up to 3 months.
    Along with a helmet it is recommended to wear safety equipment like elbow guards, riding jackets, etc.

  5. Riding without license or insurance documents

    It is important to always carry the bike insurance documents and the driving license of the rider on the bike.
    If found without a license a fine of 500 shall be penalized and if found without insurance the rider shall be charged with a fine of INR 2,000 for first-time offenders and more for repeat offenders.
    Having insurance helps covers the cost of the bike repairs in the worst-case scenario of an accident.

  6. Over-speeding

    As the popular saying goes “Speed thrills but kills”. It is easy to over speed especially on motorbikes, Also motorcyclists are at a higher risk of being severely injured or losing their life in case of an accident. This is all the more reason for motorcyclists to stay within their speed limit.
    If caught over-speeding the rider will be charged with a fine between INR 1,000 to 2,000.

  7. Riding in sandals or flip-flops

    One of the lesser-known two wheeler traffic rules is that it is illegal to drive in flip-flops or in sandals. The reason being that flip-flops or sandals increase the braking time which in emergency situations would make a lot of difference. Moreover Using flip-flops could lead to slipping of the foot during the ride, so it is always recommended to ride in proper shoes.
    In the event of being found riding with flip-flops, the rider shall be fined an amount of INR 1,000.

Two wheeler traffic rules are made for the safety of the riders and fellow citizens. It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to follow these rules for a safer and healthier travelling experience.

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