Electric vehicles are gaining popularity day by day. But car batteries have been an essential part of cars for a very long time. If an engine is the heart of a car, the battery can be described as the heart of the electrical systems of your car. With increasing levels of technology in your car, the battery has become a crucial part. They are used in every combustion engine vehicle on the roads. This is why be wiser while choosing the battery.  Before choosing, do you know the types of car batteries? Let’s take a look.

1. Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries

Lithium Ion Car Battery Setup

Li-Ion Car Battery Setup | Source

Lithium-Ion batteries are, turned out to be the most demanding battery in the automotive industry. It has the highest growth and gained immense popularity in recent years. Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles use Li-ion batteries as they can, hold high charge storage capacity, and lower self-discharge. And other best things are it is lighter in weight, low maintenance needs and lasts long. These batteries are commonly used in mobile phones but the application is yet to be scaled when it comes to the automotive industry.

2. Lead Acid- batteries

Amaron car battery

Amaron car battery | Types of Car Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are inexpensive, safe, and are within the lowest maintenance. The correct voltage limits of the Lead-Acid Battery must be observed. Advanced lead-acid batteries are being developed. Unfortunately, these batteries cannot be repaired or serviced, they can only be replaced. These types of batteries are commonly used in your car. 

3. SLN

SLN is a Starting, Lighting, and Ignition process battery. You can see many cars manufactured with SLN batteries. SLN batteries are designed to power in short bursts to start the car’s motor, Ignition, and lights. When it loses its charge, it recharges through the alternator. When an SLI battery is fully discharged, it can damage the plates and reduce the lifespan of the battery.

4. Wet Cell Batteries

Wet cell Batteries are original rechargeable batteries. It has a combination of Lead, Sulfuric acid, and water which creates the battery’s electrolytes. It is cheaper compared to the other batteries. But, in modern life using modern autos, Wet Cell Batteries are no longer surviving as they are not providing sufficient power, and it also dies under hot conditions quickly. 

5. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)

AGM battery is an advanced Lead-acid Battery. It provides the ultimate combination of reliability, durability, and safety. Cars with more electronic features are installed with Absorbent Glass Mat batteries. AGS battery is maintenance-free and lighter. AGM can survive in harsh climate conditions. Regular Lead-acid batteries need to charge from time to time. And AGM has the ability to quickly recharge and extend its life compared to other Lead-Acid Batteries.

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Make sure to read and get to know the specification before buying a battery. Check its voltage readings and battery size that will match your car. Only the best and the strong car battery can make your trip comfortable and lovely. If you feel like your car battery needs a check-up or replacement, book it now from the Pitstop app. You get 100% Genuine Amaron batteries compatible with your car with a 48-months warranty right at your doorstep!