A scratch on your car isn’t just bad to look at but also degrades your car’s value if not fixed on time. It can cause your vehicle to have a lesser resale value as well. There are various types of scratches depending on the depth it has been scratched. A factory finish has 4 layers i.e, a primer over the bare metal, followed by the base coat and a clear coat for protection of the base coat’s paint layer. The scratch’s severity depends on the layers it has penetrated in order to fix the scratches based on the damage of each layer. 

1. Minor car scratches and marks

Minor Car Scratches

These scratches are the easiest type of scratches to fix as they only affect the top clear coating of the car. Hence these scratches do not penetrate through the paint layers and affect the bare metal as well. These scratches can be fixed by rubbing or polishing without needing to be repainted over again. Similarly, even marks are easily removable through polishing and buffing out the surface by applying a thin lacquer on the surface and rubbing it off. The polishing must not be hard else the clear coat might come off and ruin the car paint.

2. Paint scratches

Paint scratches or paint coat scratches cause scratches down to the base coat layer and generally, these are fixed by rubbing sandpaper and an abrasive compound before applying the clear coating using aerosol spray. There are car scratch repair kits available that will guide you to fix these scratches. The following must be done prior to fixing the car’s scratches:

  • The car must be washed and dried thoroughly.
  • A small amount of the scratch fixer must be applied to a foam applicator.
  • Rub over the scratch gently and slowly.
  • When finished, wipe the area with a microfibre cloth.
  • Finally, use car wax to retain the shine of the repaired area with the rest of the car.

3. Deep car scratches

Deep Car ScratchesSuch scratches penetrate the paint enamel and affect the metal of the car as well. These scratches can only be fixed by professionals and included a lengthier procedure. The scratch repair consists of cleaning and filling the scratches, applying a new layer of paint, followed by a clear coat, and polishing. Again, light polishing should be done in order to retain the layer of clear coat and paint.

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Maintenance of your car from the outside is just as important as maintaining it inside. A professional car detailing and coating is done to ensure your car is not easily vulnerable to scratches and marks. Hence polishing and buffing should be done occasionally to ensure whatever scratches and marks on the surface are cleared in this process. We at Pitstop offer quality service and especially in cases like these and our best technicians are at hand and ensure your car looks brand new inside out.