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Unlock 1.0: Get your car checked for these before driving back home

Driving back home in this lockdown? Things to keep in mind before making the long journey

Covid-19 has left the world in shock and the situation just keeps getting worse. After a two month National lockdown, the government has finally allowed interstate movement of passengers stuck in different parts of the country. And if you are making the journey back to your hometown after the long hiatus and will be driving home, make sure to check your vehicle before stepping on the gas pedal. Because of this long break, it is important to check your vehicle before getting on that journey. So today let’s have a look at some of the key points to check.

1. Car Fluids

 With the increasing temperature, the levels of the fluids in the car can get disrupted. Engine oil, brake oil, and even coolant levels are very important and should be checked thoroughly before starting a long journey. Any of these, if found low should be replenished to prevent engine overheating. Low engine oil levels can damage the engine and leave you stranded if not checked for.

2. Tyre Pressure

While most people tend to ignore this, checking Tyre pressure is extremely important. In the Times of the lockdown, a punctured tire might mean hours of delay if you are stuck in a place with no amenities. Tyre pressure also gets affected by the high temperatures and thus should be checked at regular intervals especially before and during a long drive.

3. Fan and Timing Belt

Another very commonly faced breakdown is a damaged fan or timing belt. And if this breaks, chances are you will have to go through a lot of trouble unless you can find a mechanic near the point of breakdown. A simple way to check these is to note any cuts or damages to the belt and while driving note any shrieking noises. If you observe anything, get it checked at the nearest service center before driving off.

4. Windscreen Water Levels & Hose

Driving long hours means you will be passing through areas of dirt and dust and you could even be driving during the night times. Now it is extremely important to have a clear vision of the road ahead to drive in the dark and thus you need a clear windscreen. Before taking off, check the water levels in the windscreen cleaner and make sure the hoses are not blocked. In case of any issues, get it repaired at the nearest car service center in Bangalore.

5. Hoses

As mentioned earlier, the car has a lot of fluids that are essential to its working. So, make sure to check for any leaks in the car by parking it in a clean area. Let it stay for a while and check under the car to see if there are any leaks. If there’s even a slight chance of a leak, get it checked before starting the journey.

So, during these tough times, it is extremely important to be careful to prevent any further damage to the situation. Pitstop offers the best car service in Bangalore and our experts will help check your vehicle for any issues before you drive back home. So get in touch with us and get the best solutions.

You can call us at +91 6262621234 or book a Pitstop Revive service here.

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