Water, is available in abundance, 70% of Earth is water, right? Well, not all of that is usable. So, in order to save the essential fluid for our future generations, we need to take some action, asap. One such action that you can take is the Water-Less Eco Wash from Pitstop. Yes, you read that right! So, without wasting any more words, let’s dive into what is this service.

What is Eco wash?

Eco wash is a modern method to wash the car with zero usage of water requirement. This method uses eco-friendly products to clean the vehicle without wasting water.

At Pitstop, we are providing Eco Wash service to lessen the consumption of water to clean the car. The products used here are eco-friendly. Pitstop Eco wash uses a Dashboard dresser, Multi-purpose cleaner, and tyre gel of Otto brand products in this Service. A quality microfiber cloth is used to clean the exterior and interior of the car. These products help to clean the surface of the vehicle with no harm and remove all types of stains. Our Pitstop crew has certified expert mechanics that take the best care of your car.

We are wasting water in many ways, unknowingly. Generally, people go for a water-based wash which requires a lot of water as they prefer the self-serving wash at home. They use a pipe or a bucket to wash the car. Nearly a minimum of 120-150 litres of water is required for a single wash. It requires 110 litres of water with a bucket per wash. It generates potentially toxic wastewater. A commercial water wash also leads to the dullness of the car paint and leaves run-off marks.

Water wastage due to washing car with water

Water wastage due to washing car with water | Source

The water used to wash the car is flash floods to the drainage lakes. The rinse water contains dirt, dust, toxic soap, engine oil, chemicals, exhaust fumes, and metals like copper and zinc from brake pads and tyres, which affect the environment. The water is wasted without even recycling.

At Least, the car wash station has a system of recycling water. They even use high-pressure water nozzles that use water efficiently. In professional hands, 24-36 litres of water is used.

Water usage for a single wash

TenureWater used


120 litres


480 litres


5,760 litres

If a single wash under one roof requires this amount of water, imagine all the cars in the world using it?

We can wash or clean our car without lots of water by choosing Eco Wash or waterless wash.

Eco Wash or waterless wash demand is growing these days. This system is beneficial to us in protecting nature and our health as well. We can save gallons of water per car. It saves your money and your valuable time.
These eco-friendly products in the Eco wash service have special lubricants and cleaning agents, which remove dirt and its fragments easily. It cleans the surface of the vehicle with no harm and removes marks on the car.
The eco-friendly car wash leaves a high gloss shine and protective barrier on car paint.

Get your car cleaned while saving water and doing your bit in saving the environment by choosing Water-Less Eco Wash from Pitstop.