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Ways To Protect Your Car Rims When Parking Outside

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It wouldn’t be impossible to believe that old-fashioned car rims theft remains a problem nationwide despite all the auto industry’s technological progressions. Even cars with alarm systems are unsafe, and high-end tires, wheels, and rims are often worth thousands of rupees to thieves. An experienced thief can get the wheels off your car in a matter of minutes, leaving your car on blocks and inept of being driven. If you have expensive rims, you are at an even larger risk of theft.

Rims, wheels, and tires can amount to a lot of money invested for either performance or even atheistic purposes. The first step to prevention is realizing your car can be a victim, followed by getting your wheels and rims covered in your insurance policy. By taking the essential steps, you are already guarding yourself and your car.

Just like how every problem comes with a solution, here we have five ways to protect your car rims from theft when you park them outside:

Use a Motion-Sensor assisted car alarm

Motion-Sensor assisted car alarm is an excellent choice if your car is targeted anytime in the future. Investing in a good quality motion assisted security alarm will notify you as soon as thieves try to lift your car. The security alarm can help you defend your car from other kinds of thefts as well. It will notify you even if someone tries to get inside while the car is locked. 

Buy Lug Nut Locks

This alloy wheel theft prevention method involves replacing one of the lug nuts on each wheel with a lock, which requires a unique tool to remove. They’re available at automobile stores or online, and you can put them on yourself or bring them to a mechanic to fit for you. For extra protection, you can buy lock kits for all of the lug nuts on your rims. Just don’t lose the key you’ll need to remove the wheel if you have to change a flat tire.

Park the car in traffic-dense areas

Park your car in an area with a lot of traffic when out in public to protect car wheels from theft. The more traffic going by where you park, the less likely thieves want to risk detection by stealing wheels or tires in that area. Park your car in a place with surveillance cameras whenever possible to prevent car wheel theft.

Use Metal Boots

Locking up all your car wheels with metal boots covering the lug nuts like an earmuff may sound a little extreme. After all, it takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to fasten each one and requires special tools. However, if you need to leave your car outside while you’re going away for a long time, boots will undoubtedly deter car thieves.

If your car has been stranded since you’ve been away for a long time and you need any assistance with bringing your car back to shape, tap the button below!

Also, covering your car can protect your rims and will give some additional benefits like protecting your car’s paint and avoiding scratches on the exteriors.

Park close to the curb

Another way you can reduce the probability or protect your car wheels from theft is parking close to the curb. It’s effortless to understand that if a person tries to take the wheels off your car, they will need some space to pull it off. If you park your car close to the curb, it will limit the thief’s space, making it difficult to steal your car rims. This requires no investment; it just requires you to be smart enough to trick the thief!

Ways To Protect Your Car Rims From Curb Rash

Most people tend to think of flat tyres more often than their rims. But when your alloy meets cement, the result is seldom good. More often than not, the worst part about car rim damage is the sound it makes as soon as it gets hit. You hear the noise, grimace in response, and you know the damage is as bad as it sounds.

A wheel’s protruding edge is especially vulnerable to damage when parking or making close turns. Damage can typically happen when:

How To Protect Your Car Wheels

If you wish to avoid such kind of wheel damage to your car, here are some tips for keeping your rims in pristine condition at all times.

Master the art of parallel parking

Parallel parking has to be one of the significant causes of curb rash and rim damage. It’s more of an issue for drivers in bigger cities, but almost everyone needs to parallel park sometime or the other. Unfortunately, everyone develops their personal style that works for them. However, here’s how you can ace the process for yourself. 

Tilt the mirror on the passenger side down at the curb to gauge the distance better. Back into the spot slowly at a 45-degree angle. If you are not sure where the curb is, you’ll at least tap it with the tougher part of your tyre, i.e., the back. Then you can pull ahead and straighten it out. Lastly, park your car reasonably away from the curb, because you don’t want a fine for parking in the middle of the road.

Wash your rims

Many people get their car washed regularly, but a lot of them seem to forget about washing their car rims or simply ignore it as it elongates the process.

Here at Pitstop, we make sure that your car rims get cleaned properly with our impeccable eco car wash service thereby leaving no room for dirt.

Avoid potholes on the road.

Potholes can damage several parts of your vehicle, which also includes your car rims. Hitting a pothole can result in rim scratches, curb rash, and in more severe cases, even bent edges, which could cause significant damage to the tyre itself. Therefore, it is imperative to be careful of your surroundings when you’re on the road, especially after the winter, when potholes seem to be in abundance.

Install wheel rim protectors.

One of the best ways to protect your car rims from curb rash is by installing wheel rim protectors. Rim protectors are considered a great product that keeps rims safe from harm while also complementing your car’s look. Another benefit of wheel rim protectors is that you can easily detach them whenever you need to clean the protector, the wheel, or change the wheel and tyre. You can later reattach them as quickly when you want to use them again.

How To Prevent Curb Rash On Your Wheels

Once your car wheels have experienced the trauma of a curb rash damage, your future steps to fix them will largely depend on the type of rim materials you use.

For example, you may have aluminum wheels with a clear protective coating. If you’re unsure, test the corrupted area with a piece of sandpaper. If the dust is white instead of gray, it reveals a clear coating that you need to remove before approaching the actual curb rash.

If you need any kind of assistance with your car wheels or any other car-related problems that you might be facing, worry no more and head straight to Pitstop and our in-house technicians will fix the problem right away!

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