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Things to Do for your car after a cyclone or heavy rainfall



As the rainy season will soon be making its way and now with cyclone Tauktae wreaking havoc across the western coast of the country. It is important for car owners to know the damage a cyclone or heavy rainfall can do to their vehicles and how to prevent it and what to do in case of damage after everything settles down.


The most important thing to do during a cyclone or during wavy rainfall is to park your car safely, preferably in an indoor garage with all windows and doors closed. In case of non-availability of a parking spot, the car needs to be parked in a high elevated area or at least must not be parked in low lying areas as they are prone to flooding. Caution needs to be taken to not park cars under weak structural objects or trees etc during cyclones as they are prone to collapse.

Inspecting the car:

After the storm has ended the car needs to be inspected and checked for visible damage signs. If the flooding in the area the car is parked is high the cabin floor will most likely get wet. It can be cleaned or dried off and this alone does not cause any harm to the car. In the case of extreme flooding, there is a chance for the water to reach and clog the engine which would need to be dealt with on a priority basis. The engine oil needs to be checked. If it is in pale color and is mucky then it needs to be checked by a mechanic. If the car is submerged or the water level is too high do not start the engine as it may cause more damage to the car.

Test Run:

If the water level is not too high and the car is not submerged, turn on the car engine and idle it. Pump up the acceleration once in a couple of minutes to heat up the engine and to help the moisture inside the car system to evaporate. After idling the car for about 20 minutes take it for a test run and make sure everything is in place.


In the case of water getting into your engine or your car not starting then a local mechanic and a tow truck needs to be called in to handle the situation efficiently. In areas affected by lockdowns, car dealerships are offering pick up and drop solutions for car services and it is the best option even in areas without lockdown as going out can be avoided due to the pandemic.

Cleaning and disinfecting the car:

After heavy rainfall or a cyclone, the car needs to be deep cleaned to get rid of any dirt or dry leaves that may have made its way onto the underbody of your car which could cause unnecessary problems and would also fasten the process of rusting.

Taking into consideration the ongoing pandemic it is in the best interest of the carowner to always get the car cleaned and sanitized to get rid of any residual viruses on the car body and inside the car.

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