Like we all know, a car battery is very essential for any car to run. It provides the necessary jolt of electricity to start your car and power all electrical components in your vehicle. It also stores energy that is generated from the alternator and helps in regulating the voltage without causing any power surges. 

Reasons for car batteries to die 

A battery usually lasts for 3-4 years and if it dies before this period it is either lack of maintenance or quality of the battery. There are other reasons which could cause your car battery to die prematurely: 

  • Extreme weather conditions 
  • Headlight or cabin lights left on
  • Corroded or damaged battery connections 
  • The battery is weak or in poor condition 
  • Charging system or alternator problem

What to do when your car battery dies? 

It is so unpredictable because car batteries always die at the wrong time. There is no right time for a battery to give up, but we tend to discover it’s dead when we are in a rush to get somewhere. So what is the solution for an untimed demise of your car battery? 

  • Jump starting the car: If you are not stranded in an isolated location you could look around for help. Someone with possibly a jumper cable in their car who is ready to help you out. Before connecting the cables check for corrosion, leakage or damage to your battery. After connecting the cables, start the working vehicle and allow it to run for a few minutes. Now try turning on the dead vehicle, which should start, if it doesn’t wait for the other vehicle to charge it some more and try again. 
  • Check for a repair shop: If the jumper cable doesn’t start your engine there must be some other problem or the battery needs to be replaced entirely. So start searching for a garage that can possibly fix it. 
  • Call for professional help: If you are stranded in a place where no one can jump-start your car or there is no garage to fix your car then it is time to get professional help. Now roadside assistance is provided by your car manufacturer or there are private companies to provide assistance. Call them and wait until help arrives. 
  • Call a friend: One other cheap way of getting your car started could be by pulling out your leftover favours from your friends. Start calling your friends, family or colleagues who can come to you with jumper cables and save the day. 
  • Push starting your car: This is usually not recommended as it harms your catalytic converter. Start pushing your car with someone’s help and make sure the clutch is engaged completely and 1st or 2nd gear is engaged. Once the car reaches a certain speed pop the clutch and press the gas pedal which should work like magic. 

How to maintain your car battery 

It is better we avoid the worst situation like the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”. So what can be done to avoid such situations? To extend and keep your car battery in a healthy condition here are some tips: 

  • Don’t leave the stereo or any light on
  • Be conscious of cold weather
  • Regularly check for loose or corroded battery connections
  • Check for the proper level of electrolyte in the battery. 
  • Check for a Parasitic drain 

A battery replacement is relatively cheap compared to all the problems we face when it goes out. Check out Pitstop for cheap, reliable and convenient battery replacement service which is possible at your doorstep. Check our website or app for more information. 

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