Special edition trims are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the added value they promise over standard models. Tata Motors recently introduced “Dark Edition” trims for a number of its models, including the Harrier, Altroz, Nexon, and Nexon EV. These models are more expensive than the regular trims they are based on, but what else has changed in these cars besides the price? Continue reading to learn more!

Tata Nexon Dark Edition:

Starting with the Nexon, one of Tata’s most popular compact SUVs, which receives the new Dark theme in the form of an Atlas Black exterior colour. A wide gloss black horizontal slat with the prominent Tata badge in the centre is installed. To keep things from getting too serious, there’s a silver shade down below, and the same treatment can be found on the sides of the SUV. To add to the dark theme, there is a black Tri-Arrow pattern lower down.

On the outside, the Nexon Dark edition is distinguished by a Sonic Silver beltline and new 16-inch charcoal alloy wheels. It also gets a ‘Dark’ mascot on the fenders to emphasize the variant’s exclusivity.

Between the taillights, the car features a matte black ‘Nexon’ lettering in bold and a Sonic Silver theme. A body-coloured spoiler with a high-mounted stop lamp is also included. A second wiper and defogger are also included in the package.

The interior of the car maintains the car’s all-black theme. Premium black Tri-Arrow dashboard panel, black leather seats with Tri-Arrow perforations, and ‘Dark’ embroidery on the front headrests are all included. The Tri-Arrow theme is also present on the door panels. The model is based on the regular XZ+ model and includes the same set of features.

The Nexon Dark edition receives only cosmetic updates, and the petrol and diesel engine options remain the same.

Tata Nexon Dark starts at ₹10.40 lakh (XZ+, XZA+, XZ+(O) and XZA+(O))

Tata Harrier 

Of course, this isn’t the first Dark theme we’ve seen on the Harrier, but there are some notable differences to note this time around. The Harrier now has a new Oberon black color theme that has a tinge of deep blue to it.

Larger 18-inch alloy wheels, grab handles, and, of course, the Dark theme badge delineating its exclusivity can be found on the sides. The lights are blacked out in the back, and the model lettering is blacked out as well, as it is on other Dark models.

The interior of the Harrier also follows the all-black theme. It comes with the Dark Chrome interior package, which includes a glossy black strip that replaces the regular chrome strip that runs across the dashboard. Its seats and roof are also available in an all-black color scheme. The door pads and seats both have Tri-Arrow perforations with deep blue undertones.

Tata Harrier Dark starts at ₹18.04 lakh (XT+, XZ+, and XZA+)

Tata Altroz

Tata’s premium hatchback, the Altroz, now comes in a Dark Edition. It’s painted in Tata Motors’ “Cosmo Dark” paint finish.

To keep things interesting, Tata has kept some of the standard Altroz’s chrome garnishes in this Dark Edition model. 

This means it has a chrome stripe running down the snout, as well as prominent chrome trim around the grille and headlamps, as well as additional chrome hints on the wing mirrors.

When you get to the back, you’ll notice that the lights have been given a dark treatment, and the model lettering is all black. In comparison to other Dark theme cars, the Altroz’s taillights have more dark hints.

While the standard Altroz’s interior features a variety of colours and textures, the Dark Edition’s interior is completely black. The headrests of its seats now have the word “Dark” inscribed on them. The layout and features on the Altroz XZ+ and XZ+ iTurbo trims remain the same.

Tata Altroz Dark starts at ₹8.71 lakh (XZ+)