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When and why does your car need a car spa?


Even your car needs a little pampering, don’t you think? Wouldn’t Car Spa be the best way to give your car the attention it deserves? I am sure you give it a wash once in a while, but do you provide it with the same luxury as you give yourself? Well if you do not, then it is time you start showering your car with lots of love.

What is a Car Spa?

A car spa is not only a quick shower that your car gets, but a special treatment that includes odor removal, wheel and glass repair, paint correction, car waxing and perfuming and a lot more. 

Why/When do you need one?

One of the main reasons your car needs detailing is to keep a count on damage control. As you drive around all day there is a high possibility for mud and sprinkled dirt to get attached to the surface of your car. 

Not to mention the times it rains. The rains might actually seem like a free shower to your car, but it actually causes trouble to the paint job. A car spa does not only wash your car with water but provides high-quality foam and polishing creams designed especially for your car.

When you have bad breath you use mouthwash, don’t you? So when your car is having a bad odor you rinse it too. By regularly pampering it, you tend to save its value over the years. Car detailing prevents the machine from rusting, scratches, odors, faint paints too. So your car looks brand new throughout the year for a long time. I mean who doesn’t want that?

Keeping the interiors of the car clean is as important as the exterior because while you would want to keep the exterior shiny for it to look young, the interior is for your comfort. During the spa, the window panels, seat covers, upholstery, dashboard, are cleaned using shampoo and vacuum. They also use professional disinfectants on AC shafts, steering wheels, and handbrakes. At the end of it, they also wax your car and install perfumes that make it smell new too, yay!

So, if you do decide to give your car a spa day, do check out the services provided by Pitstop called Complete Car Spa. We have a limited time offer going on, so rush and register your car for a relaxing spa. You can download our app or click here


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