You might have often caught the pickup trucks starring in a Hollywood movie, but have you noticed it in any of the Bollywood and South Indian Industry movies? I bet not much, isn’t it? Well, contrary to the popular perspective that we incorporate everything from the western culture, I think we do get picky when it comes to pickup trucks. Yet, companies like Mahindra and Tata tried their shot at introducing pickup trucks and got nothing out of it but loss. Neither Isuzu nor Toyota did well when it came to pickup trucks. We Indians seem to be unimpressed by pickup trucks for some reason. Look into it.

1. It’s too large!

So we do like big, bad cars with lots of power. Nevertheless, these pickup trucks are a bit large. In addition, manoeuvring through traffic jams and congested roads can be a nightmare. So pickup trucks might not be road-friendly, here in India. Especially for the ones who love to avoid traffic by taking the backroads. 

2. When it comes to it “What will people say”

Sometimes we Indians end up buying a lot of things just in order to prove something to others or compete with them rather than actually buying something to make ourselves happy. Imagine the number of judgmental stares you’ll get when you’re driving around in your pickup truck with the top down. Everyone at work will judge you. Society and your friends may even comment that you have a “rustic choice.” When it comes to car buying, a pickup truck does indeed take a backseat. Securing your next car is more dependent on the help of the community than on your personal preference.   

4. Exactly how much does it give away?

For obvious reasons, these trucks have monstrous engines. This is a good thing in terms of performance, but it may not be a good thing in terms of mileage. And now, it should come as no surprise that Indians care about mileage. Fuel is very expensive in this area. Because of this, it’s important to keep an eye on fuel prices while you own a car. However, in the United States, things get a little more suited to pickup trucks. Because it is a major oil producer, it has access to a large pool of oil resources, lowering the price of gas.

5. Is it a good deal? Maybe not 

There’s a warranty, a low price, and a good amount of mileage. The tri factor that influences every car buyer’s decision in India. However, Indian pickup trucks aren’t designed to meet that need, unlike our conventional cars. In addition to being too large and expensive, the cars don’t get very good gas mileage. It costs between USD 25k and USD 50k to buy a Ford F150 Raptor. 16 to 32 lakhs is the range. For this price, you could get a luxury sedan or an XUV500 instead of a compact SUV.

6. Conventional thoughts

The majority of people have an image of a vehicle in their minds. As a delivery van, the Omni or Eeco is an excellent choice. In India, a pickup truck is commonly referred to as a “goods carrier”.
So, to top it all off, pickup cars have never been in the trend of Indian history, not only with the common people but among the celebrities as well, and we predict that probably it never will be, what do you all think?

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