Vehicles running on CNG have been in the market for over a decade. From being known for its disadvantages such as being risky and degrading to the engine to its advantages on being cost-effective and environment friendly, CNG is becoming a more convenient option. The popularity of these is increasing by the day and CNG fitted cars are also becoming a safer option. Let’s see why CNG is in the limelight and makes sense for cars in India. 

  1. Safer option:

    Initially when CNG was launched in India it had its turn of being highly risky and unsafe but thanks to technology, it became a safer option than both petrol and diesel. This was possible due to the high-auto ignition temperature and its narrow range of flammability that ensures it doesn’t catch fires on hot surfaces which reduces the chances of explosion or other mishaps. The precision factory fittings from OEMs and advanced technology promised safety as it used genuine parts and high expertise. Although it does fall on a more expensive side for it being factory fitted, the cost of safety should not be compromised. 

  2. Deemed efficient and cheap:

    Although CNG cars may not be offering the same level of acceleration as petrol cars, it still fills the gap of being more efficient. Having a genuine factory-fitted CNG ensures the performance of the vehicle is enhanced and is next to negligible. When it comes to the price, the per kilometre cost incurred driving a CNG vehicle is comparatively lesser than the cost-driven by petrol or diesel vehicles. This could be an ideal investment for cars even if you do not drive your cars daily on a long distance. 

  3. Deemed cleaner:

    Since electric vehicles are still in the distant future of being viably adaptable in India, it is safe to say that CNG vehicles have greater use in the present. Although they may not be as clean as electric cars, they still release fewer emissions compared to diesel vehicles, which are the most harmful in the environment currently and produce very low exhaust emissions. CNG would be a great alternative, especially in highly polluted cities. 

Even though at present in India there are no pure CNG vehicles, there are bi-fuel vehicles, which are filling in the gap of not releasing high emissions and at the same time finding the gap of filling in with pure CNG. Although this comes with a lot of drawbacks such as taking up of boot space which is a primary issue, sources say the same vehicles in Europe are better manufactured and do not have such issues. But the same vehicles in Europe do not take off as there is more usage of electric vehicles there which reduces the need for CNG vehicles. But currently, in India, CNG vehicles can prove to be beneficial for the environment for the coming decade, which will shape the automotive industry for enhanced performance.

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