Has it ever strike you why we Indians love Maruti Suzuki Cars? When you look at the car parking garages of the houses in India, there will be at least a single Maruti Suzuki brand vehicle that can be seen in every two streets. When you look at the Automobile Industry sales, which have the highest sales in India, most selling cars are from Maruti Suzuki. Now, you can say which brand has more love from Indians. Whether it is a first-hand car or a second-hand car, vans like Eeco, Omni, and old model Swift, to the latest model only a Maruti Suzuki has got more buyers from the history to till now. But why do we Indians love Maruti Suzuki this much? Let’s take a look.

  1. Best Mileage

    Indian buyers worry about the mileage of the car more. The first question that comes to every car buyer is Mileage. To that question, Maruti Suzuki gave a solid answer with its Swift, Dzire models. The top priority of this brand is Mileage. They ensure the best mileage. This is the most important reason is the buyer’s list to love the brand.

  2. Price

    Every Maruti car that is launched can be affordable to an average person. The cost of the Maruti Suzuki car is cheaper than the car with the same segment of other manufacturers. 

  3. Service Centers

    It has the largest network of service centres which benefits the car owner. You can find Maruti Suzuki service centres easily for your car repair, maintenance, genuine spare parts for your car, and also get the best service.

  4. Low Maintenance Cost

    When it comes to maintenance, Maruti Suzuki cars are cheaper to maintain. You can find the spare parts easily for cheap and best at your nearby service stations. Your average maintenance cost will be lesser compared to the other brand cars.

  5. Resale Value

    You always worry about the price of the car, either when you want to buy a new car or want to sell your used car. But Maruti users don’t have to worry about that because Maruti cars have a fair resale value. You don’t get the trouble with selling your reused Maruti Car.

  6. Less Driving Complications

    Even a driver with an L (learning) sticker on the front and backside of the car can drive with no complications. The manufacturer makes it easy for every driver with their technology. You can learn to drive with a Maruti Car comfortably and easily.

  7. Trustworthy Brand Name

    Maruti Suzuki is a legendary brand in the Indian Automotive Industry. It is a reliable and worthy brand to the Indians. The image it carries on its shoulder is very high among the Indians. 

  8. Advanced Technology

    Since the introduction of the Maruti Suzuki, the brand has been coming up with new technology and accessories. Every time it launches the latest model, it brings in the new technology at an affordable price.

  9. The Insider Feel

    It feels like an outsider while driving a foreign car. But every time you drive a Maruti Car, you get the Indian feel that makes you proud and comfortable. It is a pleasure to drive an Indian Car. This brand does not fail to make you feel like an Insider.

  10. The first Car

    Maruti Suzuki-The first car that was always advised to buy for the first time. In India, if you want to buy a car and ask for any suggestions about which brand, you will get the most common answer, which is Maruti Suzuki. Yes, everyone suggests the brand- Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most sold and holds over 50% share market in India. It is the biggest carmaker and has gained more trust than any other carmaker among Indian citizens. These are the reasons why Indians love Maruti Suzuki, which cannot be replaced or broke.

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