Mumbai houses limitless worries for the residents, car owners need not add to it with winter car care. On our list of winter car care advice for Mumbains, this is likely the simplest and most fundamental tip. It is usually suggested that you take your car to an authorized service centre for a health check-up before the seasons change in Mumbai. While this tip isn’t exclusive to the winter, it could be extremely useful in locations where the winters are particularly harsh.

During harsh weather conditions, automobiles are more prone to breakdowns. As a result, conducting a basic check-up to ensure that vital components are working properly will help you avoid future catastrophes. To assist you there are a lot of car service providers in India apart from the OEMs. You can visit a Pitstop’s car service centre in Mumbai and get your car problems fixed. 

Getting Your Car Winter Ready in Mumbai is a cakewalk now?

Yes,  you heard it right! Though Mumbai may not face severe winter changes, getting your car winter-ready still has its own challenges. Moving on from the most basic suggestion, we arrive at the point on our list of winter car care advice that is possibly the most crucial. 

It is critical to warm up your vehicle before driving throughout the winter months. Many car experts do claim that it is a fallacy to warm up your car before driving. It is true that the mechanical components have advanced significantly and are no longer prone to the difficulties that plagued older vehicles. However, it is still a good idea to warm up the automobile before driving.

The Battery’s Condition

  • It is a well-known fact that Mumbai’s summer and rains are your automobile battery’s worst enemy, winter months do not cause temperature-related damage to your battery, yet influence its working mechanism. If your automobile battery’s charge is low or close to depletion, it will most likely die over the winter. Distilled water present inside the battery plays an important role in the chemical process that occurs. If the distilled water freezes during the process, the cells will suffer severe and irreversible damage. To overcome such problems you can book a car service online in Mumbai.
  • Improper electrical system operation is one of the most common symptoms of battery damage. The main signs of a battery problem include starting issues, weak/flickering lighting, and the inability to use cabin lights or music systems. These issues, however, can also be linked to faulty terminals or connections. As a result, it’s recommended to get these issues checked out by a qualified mechanic. Having a car repair in Mumbai would save you the effort of travelling to service stations.

Tire Inflation Pressure

  • One of the most important points to keep in mind when it comes to our winter car care recommendations in Mumbai is tyre pressure. Air operates on a very basic physical mechanism that is universal. It expands when it becomes hotter and contracts when it gets colder. These consequences are seen in terms of tyre pressure inside your tyre. The tyre pressure in your car rises during the hotter months and falls during the cooler months. As a result, it is recommended that you check your tyre pressures more regularly than usual in Mumbai.
  • Low tyre pressure has a significant impact on your driving. As a result, make sure you’re driving at the correct pressure at all times. In order to keep track of this, Having concurrent appointments with a mechanic is the way to go. You could book an appointment for a car repair at home in Mumbai.

Fog Lamps and headlights

headlight change

  • Apart from the temperature, fog is another factor that needs winter automobile care advice. While fog isn’t a typical occurrence in Mumbai city, it is particularly prevalent in the adjoining Khandala, Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar areas. These places are frequently visited by Mumbains as a weekend getaway. When fog occurs, it primarily affects your driving with reduced visibility. Fog Lamps are more crucial than car headlights for piercing through the fog. Front fog lamps are now a standard inclusion in almost all cars, while rear fog lamps are becoming more prevalent. 

Visit Pitstop, the best car mechanic in Mumbai for a headlight or fog lamp assembly replacement. or download our app to book an appointment today

The Windshield

Pitstop windshield

  • The windshield is one of the most crucial parts of your car. Fog, mist, and smoke have a great tendency to gather on the windshield during the colder months in Mumbai. This reduces your visibility, making driving in this situation extremely risky. Fogging is produced by a temperature difference between the car’s exterior and inside environments. This fog can be eliminated by adjusting it and reducing the temperature difference that generates it in the first place. Place a dehumidifier pack inside the cabin to prevent fogging on a larger scale. Choose Pitstop for your car windshield replacement in Mumbai. Choose amongst the best car mechanic in Mumbai

Antifreeze/Coolant Concentration

Every car owner is aware that a green-coloured coolant liquid is present in their cars. It works in the summer to keep your engine cool and protect it from the scorching heat. However, few people realize that it also plays a crucial function throughout the winter in Mumbai. During the winter, the same coolant liquid that keeps the engine cool in the summer also serves as antifreeze. When the temperature drops, the chemicals in this liquid prevent the engine from freezing and jamming.

Basically, this fluid works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep the temperature inside the engine regulated and optimal. As a result, even in the winters in Mumbai, you must make sure that the antifreeze level in the engine is enough and up to par. It’s best to get it checked with a mechanic by booking an appointment for a car repair at home. 

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